MCT Update News for 2020!!

MCT has now published is exciting updated news for 2020. It is one of the best crypto exchange, trading and investment platform globally.

This exciting project has now updated their all of systematic work. It has updated its members sign up mail, password recovery system, live chat for the users and guests, sending mail from admin, creating ticket for 24/7 support system, live crypto price and global timezone based clock on their website.

If anyone create new account from and will receive all personal information like user name, password, joining date, referral link, marketing plan from admin main to provided mail account to inbox or spam.

Password reset:

if anyone can not remember login password the have need to reset password. Provide mail account and login username into the password reset box,and will get new login password. After login create new password for future login.

Live chat:

for every visitor, MCT Start Facebook live chat. Everyone who has Facebook account can make a chat from MCT to their Facebook account anytime anywhere. And chat history will save into their Facebook message.

Mail from admin :

If any new offer or new work haven, all member will know by admin mail into their provide email to inbox or spam. Must check spam or inbox 1 day of week.

Live Crypto price:

Here has live crypto Price fro everyone who is member or visitor.

Live clock :

Here has live clock for every country. It is API and country base time.


Please create a ticket from pro.mycryptotrade.het to admin anytime for support. Admin always ready to give best support that you need. All of systematic work is completed, receive support from MCT admin. And keep in touch with MCT.

Thank you.